WBA Debate Topic: Climate Change

The death toll from Hurricane Ian is at least 120 people. The storm made landfall as a devastating Category 4. Scientists say the historic storm was fueled by warm waters, and they say those warmer waters are a direct effect of climate change. What would be three specific solutions you believe in for addressing climate change?

  • Experts at NOAA, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, explain that climate change is a factor in hurricane intensification because warmer ocean water fuels stronger storms (CBS News).
  • CBS News first reported Sept. 27, Hurricane Ian “packed two days’ worth of rapid intensification into less than 36 hours, as it went from a 45 mph tropical storm on Sunday evening to a 115 mph Category 3 hurricane early Tuesday.” 
  • Rapid intensification refers to an increase in the maximum sustained winds of a tropical cyclone of roughly 35 mph or more in 24 hours, according to the National Hurricane Center.