WBA Debate Topic: Election Certification

1. After the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol, the effort to present a false slate of electors from seven states, including Wisconsin, a bipartisan group of 32 senators has proposed the Electoral Count Reform Act. The key provisions include identifying a single conclusive slate of electors, affirming the role of the vice president, raising the objection threshold, and protecting each state’s popular vote. Do you support the bill?

2. Last month, I had a chance to interview former Vice President Mike Pence when he visited Wausau. When referring to his actions on Jan. 6 when he resisted pressure from former Pres. Trump to overturn the election and refused to accept slates of fake state electors – including some that were offered him by Sen. Johnson’s office – he said he acted out of respect for the U.S. Constitution. We’d like you both to go on the record: Did Mike Pence do the right thing?

  • Hear the former vice president discuss whether he would speak with the Jan. 6 committee (WSAW)
  • The 12th Amendment of the Constitution details the process to certify the count
  • Ron Johnson says he was not involved in creating slate of fake electors to give to Mike Pence (TMJ4)