WBA Debate Topic: Immigration

There’s agreement on both sides of the aisle that something about our country’s immigration system needs to change, but how is the sticking point, especially as it can affect employment here in Wisconsin. By the year 2030, it’s estimated the working population in our state will shrink by 130,000 people if we don’t have an increase in migration. Would you look at making a path to citizenship more accessible as a solution to our impending employment crisis?

  • “Without an increase in migration from other states or countries, by 2030 the state’s prime working age population (25 to 64) will likely shrink by an estimated 130,000 people” (Forward Analytics)
  • “Across Wisconsin, many businesses are finding it harder to hire, and that challenge might not get easier after data from the 2020 Census was analyzed showing that there aren’t enough young people to replace a second wave of Baby Boomers preparing to retire.” (PBS Wisconsin)
  • According to a letter Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin) wrote to the Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), as of September 26, the agency estimates a processing time of 7 months for the I-765 application categories that frequently apply to Afghan and Ukrainian refugees, 4 months longer than its 3-month cycle time goal. In addition to this letter, Senator Baldwin is also supportive of Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Patrick Leahy’s request for an additional $457 million in USCIS funding for FY2023 to further reduce processing times”